Smartcare Cloud

China and South East Asia is on the way to implement high-tech caregivers to support homecare to combat the rise of silver tsunami. Indonesian manpower authority has already inked an MOU with one of our subsidiaries to pilot high-tech caregiver training. China will commence the “Medical Silk Road” project to understand the psychological and physiological index of ageing communities. Training of high-tech caregivers and high-tech domestic helpers are now underway at BHG’s Borderless Innovation Centre in Shanghai. Alzheimer’s Australia Vic has joined forces with BHG to develop an Alzheimer’s Cloud which will host a series of interactive apps and Internet Of Things to support family members and caregivers of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. With the foundation of its Smartcare Cloud set in China, Indonesia and Singapore, BHG hopes to power up a strong network of high-tech caregivers to become the “third care force” which can deliver ubiquitous healthcare.